Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Inspired Fabric Design

This website is an amazing resource for retro patterns.

St. Katherine Docks

There are some amazing enamel panels on the walkway at St. Katherine Docks, also a very good art and glass retailer.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Pennsylvanian Folk Art

These were "Hex plates" for sale in America. They bring good fortune to the home. This type of folk art originates from Germany.

Funky Nostalgia

Here's something to take you back to simpler times. Emma Bridgewater does that 70's slightly folky feel so well.

Online Marketing

My sister posted this site by Blueberry Glass to me. It shows a very good example of marketing glass on the internet. Easy to use, not much clutter and a practical purchasing method. They were advertising in the classified section of Country Living magazine. Not sure if it worked though.

Bullseye Showcase

This work by Kim Osgood caught my eye on the Bullseye website. She is one of over 50 artists which exhibit at the American based studios. Take a look at the price tags!

Going round in circles

Me, me, me! This is what I do, more examples here.